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barely on here.

Anonymous said: How would you consider your style?

I don’t even know my style lol.
I wear anything from school hoodies with athletic shorts to tanks w/ highwaisted shorts to rompers to cardigans with camis & shortshorts. Depends on my mood & lazy-ness level of the day. LOL

Anonymous said: Do you drive? You look like the type of person who's into that sort of thing.

I don’t drive yet, but I will soon. I’m planning on getting an Evo 8, still in the process of learning stick though. If anything I would just go for an 02 RSX,. :)

Instagram- @ivybaby01x
Barely on tumblr.

Instagram- @ivybaby01x

Barely on tumblr.

Instagram- ivybaby01x

Anonymous said: v-- all haha

LOL 5.5 & 6.

Anonymous said: Size of ur Kobe's? I'd love to steal them lol.

Lol which ones? :)

Anonymous said: Did you buy ur Kobe's in the retail outlet? I'm going crazy looking for the galaxy's & cheetahs in 3.5y online since they decided not to come out in my malls -.- Recommend anywhere? It's ok if you can't tho.

I bought it off a friend of mine, DS for under retail. But definately look around ISS & FSF, if anything Flightclub has a size 4 pair for a fair price, surprisingly. Lol

Anonymous said: How do you feel about hypebeast girls grabbing every GR like its given to them for free? Im talking about those swag, duck face lips, uhhh fake supreme obey looking girls. You the realest Ive seen so far in terms of you dont follow every release you kno? (:

I just find them pathetic, especially because most of them are doing it for other people not because they like the brands they wear themselves. Y’knoww lol

Anonymous said: You repeat outfits a lot. What happened to a full closet?

Does what I wear effect your life in any type of way? If it does, ask me again and I will gladly answer.

Anonymous said: Do Kobe cheetahs come in PS sizes? I wear a 2y & sadly it's been impossible to find.. ;(

Not 100% sure, but smallest size I seen so far was 3.5, sorry :(

amyjiayu said: LOL JESUS IVY, you got some entertaining ass asks. I'm cracking the fuck up right now.

Hahahaha, its funny af how someone does all that work just to leave me an anonymous ask. Like does he/she have no life of their own? lololollll

Anonymous said: are you gettin the cav 4's?

Nah, not a big fan of them.

Anonymous said: honestly. Idk why everyone hates on you, you got shoe game out the ass. and ur cute AF.

Haha thank you!
Its all good though, it’s the same person leaving me all these messages, who stalks my instagram/facebook because he/she has no life of their own. Lol

Anonymous said: You're just a honda wannabe, you're only in the game because it's the new thing among these shithead jdm fakes.

I didn’t know you could want to be a car company..wtf is a Honda wannabe? LOL